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Orthodox Christian Supply Quality Orthodox Icons & Traditional Church Furnishings
    In additional to our signature product, the Traditional Panel icon, we build Orthodox furniture.  

    We have chosen to list the majority of our furniture projects under a portfolio category, as opposed to making them "add to cart" items.   It has been our experience that most custom furniture jobs require more specification than is allowable through the standard shopping cart experience.  Furthermore, when shipping large items we use a freight shipping service and, in turn, need to calculate shipping cost before purchase so as to present a more realistic final price.  

     Our approach to furniture centers on the principals of traditional style, classic lines, simple joinery, and clean fit and finish.  We offer numerous pieces which may be viewed in this portfolio, as well as custom furniture beginning with consultation,  design, material selection, and then build.  We are ready and willing to assist with any furniture needs your parish may have.  Please do not hesitate to call for price quotes and further discussion.

Table of Oblation


This was a custom table of oblation built for Holy Spirit Orthodox Church in Huntington WV.  The table was made to match a preexisting alter.  The primary woods used were hard maple, alder, and maple sheet goods.  If your parish needs a close match to an already existing piece of church furniture, keep us in mind as this type of work is something we have done and would like to continue.

Cantor Stand


We built this Orthodox cantor stand for Sts. Joseph and Andrew parish in Candler North Carolina.  We can modify the design to any desired application.  For this particular piece, we used a combination of sheet goods with solid cherry trim.

Russian Folk Style Icon Corner Shelf


This icon corner shelf is a copy of a traditional folk style Russian corner shelf that we copied.  The woods chosen are poplar secondaries with black walnut.  For the finish we used a hand rubbed tung oil application.  Icon corner shelves have been traditionally used throughout all Orthodox homes and we are willing to build or replicate any particular customer preference; from something even more complicated to a much more simple approach.

Russian Orthodox Processional Cross


This Orthodox processional Cross was built with 8/4 poplar and has a print mounted on the face, similar to our mounted icons.  We have various images to choose from and are able to build these to any size desired.  We also offer gold leafing for the background.  

Orthodox Panahida Table with Panahidnik


This Orthodox panahida table was a custom order for the Reigning Mother of God parish in Charlotte North Carolina.  The table itself is built from curly maple and has maple cross applications added after the staining.  We also build the panahidnik (silver tray on top) which has been nickel plated and holds 70 candles.  The cross on the tray is removable for the blessing after the Panahida service.  As with all our custom furniture items - size, color, wood selection and design are changeable according to customer preference. 

Traditional Orthodox Grave Crosses


These grave Crosses were built for the monastery of the Hermitage of the Holy Cross in Wayne WV.  We use western red cedar for the wood selection as it has natural characteristics which make it impervious to weather.  The grave crosses are 8' tall and come with the traditional roof which is classically associated with these in Orthodox tradition.  For these particular Crosses we had to match an already existing stain color, but they are customizable in that the final color is dependent upon customer preference. 

Orthodox Icon Boxes (Koiti)


Our custom icon boxes (kiot) are one of our most poplar items.  These are available in almost any size (the first kiot pictured is about 40") and the standard wood selection is cherry (although we can make custom boxes from any wood selection).  We make both hinged door and standard Orthodox kiots.  There is also the option of making these with a separate section added for relics (as seen in the middle photo).  The interior frame can be either stained to match or gold.  One of the biggest challenges in bringing one box to completion is the setup, so we offer discounts in the case of multiple orders.  

Standard Orthodox Analogion


These standard analogion are made from poplar, but we can use any desired wood species.  We also build more complicated styles of these with solid carcass construction and molding buildups as desired.  Our analogion may be made to any desired size.  In many cases, we can also match existing analogion if your parish needs extra or a replacement for an existing design.  

Large Format Church Icons


Orthodox Christian Supply also offers large format church size mounted icons which are not part of our online catalog.  There are numerous options for these icons including panel style, finish and gold leafing.  There is also the option of photoshop editing concerning these mounted icons, in order to eliminate defects, add crispness to the image and to change colors and / or orthography.  Contact us today if your parish is looking for a particular iconographic subject in a large size. 

Custom Orthodox Royal Doors 



Pictured above are two different sets of royal doors.  We can build these to fit your iconostasis, complete with icons or in plain wood.  There are many differing options with these whereas the determining factor in style is customer preference.  We are also able to do complete iconostasis work or a retrofit on an existing iconostasis with new icons.  

Full Standing Icon Shrine



The above Orthodox icon shrines were built for Christ the Savior Russian Orthodox Church in Wayne WV.  One shrine is for St. John of San Francisco and is free standing, while the other shrine was built for the Optina Elders and mounts against a wall.  We can build these to most any specifications necessary and to hold any particular size icon that you may have or that we supply.  Wood selection, style and color are according to customer preference.  

Orthodox Panahida Table with Top for Sand


Many parishes prefer the use of sand to hold their candles in the panahida table and this one was built with that in mind.  Wood selection is curly maple and it was stained to match preexisting furniture.  

Orthodox Processional Fans


These are wooden gold leafed Orthodox processional fans, a nice alternative to the metal version.  We can build these to any diameter desired.  

Orthodox Golgotha Cross


Our Golgotha Cross stands about 7' tall with the base.  The base on these can be simple, as in the one pictured above, or more complex with angles and / or stonework.  The cross itself is made from 4/4 poplar and comes out, roughly, 3" thick.  The print is from the Jordanville school of iconography and was scanned from the original at St. Alexander Nevsky cathedral in Lakewood New Jersey.  

Folding Gospel Stand / Analogion


We have much improved the style and function of these over the years.  Being one of our most popular items, we have had plenty of opportunity to come up with a Folding Gospel stand which is at correct proportions and functions very well.  The cloth is now interchangeable by simply unscrewing the back support panels and inserting a new cloth.  These are perfect for use at home or in the church.  Most commonly, they are used for reading the Gospel as retrieval and storage is fast.  We have also seen them used as primary analogion or as that "extra analogion" so often needed during church services.  Our current sizing is 46" x 52" x 19", but we can alter this to any particular customers needs. 

Table Top Orthodox Analogion


This table top version of an Orthodox analogion is built out of solid cherry and stained to customer preference.  We are able to do these in a variety of sizes, colors, woods, etc.  If your church uses a table on which to place icons for veneration, you may want to consider adding these in your parish.  

Orthodox Wall Shrine


Our wall shrine is basically half of our full standing shrine.  This shrine was done in maple and stained out to match preexisting furniture at Holy Spirit Orthodox church in Huntington WV.

Traditional Orthodox Altar



This particular altar was built out of hard maple, but wood selection is customizable by preference.  Everything is done according to the traditional way of altar assembly - no nails or screws.  We hold our altar to the closest 100 cm cubed equivalent, 39 3/8" cubed.

Altar Vestment


Our altar vestment was built for Sts. Sergius and Herman of Valaam Monastery in Michigan.  The materials are solid cherry and the vestment itself was built so that the top of the altar proper would be flush with the top of the vestment.  The carvings on the sides were provided by iconographer and wood carver John Lickwar.