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  • Christ "Sinai"

    Christ "Sinai" Orthdox Icon

    This icon is undeniably one of the most famous throughout the history of the Orthodox church.  The original was painted in the 6th or 7th century and is the oldest known icon of Christ.  The medium of artistic representation is also somewhat rare in that it was painted in encaustic, or, hot wax.  It is also noteworthy to mention that many people see in this icon two sides of the Savior illustrated in His eyes; one having somewhat of a severe countenance, while the other is perceived as being very merciful and compassionate.   

    We have worked hard in Photoshop on the copy of Christ "Sinai" that is in our collection and, to this end, have removed many blemishes from the original.  Furthermore, we have focused extensively on the colors to ensure that our copy has the same "richness of color" that one appriciates in the best copies of the original.