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  • Crucifixion

    The Crucifixion of Our Savior Orthodox Icon

    In the Crucifixion icon we see the Creator of the Galaxies nailed to the new Tree of Life for the forgiveness of sins and the restoration of creation back to its Creator.  Below the Cross are pictured the bones of Adam, while St. John the Theologian, the Myrrh bearing women, one of the Centurions  and the Mother of God stand beside the Savior.  Here we see the most sobering event in all of history; God's love, our example and our own path as Christians, forgiveness of sins, the true revelation of who God is and all meaning of our lives bound to this single event which transcends all of history.  The angels are seen attending to the Savior and the sun and moon are commonly illustrated to remind us of the eclipse which happened during this event. 


    Come, let us all sing the praises of Him who was crucified for us, / For Mary said when she beheld Him upon the tree: / Though You do endure the cross, You are my Son and my God!