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  • St. James the Persian


    St. James the Persian Orthodox Icon

    St. James the Persian was the son of a pious Christian family and was born in the fourth century.  He was married and, with his wife, raised thier children in all God-pleasing Christian piety.  James occupied a high position in the court of the Persian emperior and during his work he made the great mistake of offering sacriface to idols at the command of ther emperor.  James was rebuked by his wife for this godless act and, in turn, repented.  Due to his extreme repentance he was reported to the emperor and, as a result, was brought to interrogation.  He refused to renounce Christ.  St. James was tortured greatly for his faith in Christ, cutting off his toes, fingers and limbs.  He bravely held his faith and was finally beheaded. 

    St. James, pray to God for us!