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Orthodox Christian Supply

Quality Orthodox Icons & Traditional Church Furnishings

What customers are saying about Orthodox Christian Supply…

"Your icons arrived today and are magnificent!  In fact your icons are by far the finest I have ever purchased.  You clearly spend a lot of time selecting quality images, and the care and attention with which you then reproduce them is striking.  Add to that the extraordinary level of craftsmanship that you bring to building the panels and perfecting the mountings, and in total, you've produced icons that truly feel alive with presence.  In my opinion these are the finest icons on the market."  David D. 

    "By far, the best quality icons available.  Fine canvas, vivid ink and top quality wood.  After blessing, our priest wrote down the website.  When you impress someone who sees hundreds of know you are doing something right.  Many thanks!!"  Matthew

    "This is my first purchase from this company and i can say without reservation this is the finest icon I have!  The craftsmanship is exquisite, the construction, the colors, I am so glad to have found your company.  You have a customer for life!  John D.

    "The craftsmanship is superb and reflects a labor of love.  The printing is the closest to actual painting that I have ever seen on a printed icon.  Last, but not least, the price is truly an exceptional value.  I have paid more for a comparable icon from a well-known company that cannot compare to the craftsmanship exhibited in the icon I received from Orthodox Christian Supply.  Thank you for offering such lovely icons at a reasonable price."  Christopher M.

    "I have many excellent icons at my home, but without a doubt this icon that I purchased is the finest of all.  The cost is the same as you will pay elsewhere, but the quality and standard of workmanship is the best I have encountered.  It is truly a fine example of  high craftsmanship."  Oliver G.

    "Many of us do not have the funds to buy or commission hand painted icons so must turn to mounted prints.  There are none better than what you find here.  The woodwork is well crafted, art in itself.  The icon was well printed, clear and brightly colored on a canvas, not paper base.  I purchased this for a gift and I must say that it is something I can give without the least embarrassment."  John B.

    "The icons you sent are anything but run-of-the-mill.  There beyond totally awesome...I can only conclude that if I were to examine your work under a scanning electron microscope, I'd find infinite perfection down to the molecular level." - Steven K.

    "As soon as you pick this icon up you can tell that you are experiencing something unusual in the American icon reproduction world as the weight of the thing is unlike an other reproduction icon I have ever held in my hands.  The woodwork is exquisite.  Given the affordability to quality ratio here, I can't recommend Orthodox Christian Supply icons highly enough."  Owen W.

    "Five stars is not enough to describe the absolute perfection and beauty of this holy icon.  I will definitely be ordering more icons from Orthodox Christian Supply.  Thank you beyond words."  P. Ross

    "This is quality work.  We were looking into having an iconographer do original work, but the price was prohibitive.  So we found Orthodox Christian Supply and watched the video of the process of making an icon.  We couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the work."  Richard B.

      "Beautiful work - perfection! Though photography based (and therefore affordable),  Silouan's icon productions show the same care in making as the work of the best icon painters."  Johan S.

    "Silouan's icons are the real deal. Short of actually commissioning a hand-painted icon for many, many times the price, the icons from OCS are far and away the highest quality icons I have encountered. The workmanship and attention to detail are second to none, and the icons possess a bespoke, handmade quality that I have not seen any other shop replicate. The icons feel (and smell!) like they literally just came out of your grandfather's woodshop. They are truly special and something to cherish."  Ben L.